Points to Ponder While Designing Internet Marketing Strategy – Mobile Internet Marketing

Over the past decade, the Internet has emerged as a popular marketing tool. From 500 Fortune companies to burgeoning start-ups, theInternet is a platform that can be efficiently used to market products, services, and brand as a whole. If you also wish to leverage the power of Internet to expand your business and build a brand, it is pertinent to have an online marketing strategy in place. Some of the key points that a marketer should focus on while designing an effective marketing strategy include:• Quality Content is Indispensable
To achieve success through Internet marketing, one should not compromise with the quality of the content. Quality and more importantly authentic content helps businesses in winning the trust of their existing as well as potential patrons. Along with that, good quality content will help your website rank better in SERP. So, make it a rule to post informative and fresh content on your website/blog for driving maximum traffic and recording high percentage of conversions.• Adopt Comprehensive Approach
As the online marketing industry is expanding, trends are changing too. Earlier where marketers used to focus on a single domain of marketing, today they are adopting an all-inclusive approach. So, if you wish to design a full-proof marketing plan it is really important to pay attention to different platforms. For instance, you can take help of SEO experts to rank your website for desired keywords organically. Then, pay-per-click services can be used to reach the top of paid ads shown on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search networks. Together with these two services, you can use social media networks to connect and build healthy relations with your customers.• Brevity Does Well
Undoubtedly, the Internet is flooded with articles that never seem to end. Such articles might be informative but they are unable to hold the attention of the reader for long. If you want your customers and visitors to read and understand your message, keep your articles/blog posts short. Include information that you think will be relevant for the readers and soon you will see the number of readers growing.• Think the Mobile Way!
Needless to say, mobile is now the most widely used device for browsing the Internet. If your website or content is not mobile-friendly, you might have to pay a hefty price for it. Hire some expert web designers and developers and optimize your website for mobile users. If budget is not a constraint, you can design a brand new website for the mobile users exclusively.

10 Hottest Internet Marketing Trends for 2013 – Mobile Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is constantly evolving. Every year different techniques and trends dominate this domain. Marketers are willing to experiment and are ready to take calculative risks in order to achieve success. Ten hottest trends that are likely to dominate this niche in 2013 are as follows.1. Social media: Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have achieved a cult status. Thousands of users subscribe to Facebook or Twitter on daily basis. These social media platforms are the new emerging markets for internet marketers. Smart marketers will optimize the power of social media platforms in order to generate more business in 2013.2. YouTube: 2012 witnessed varied viral videos. The masses will start using YouTube for posting engaging videos to attract the audience and communicate powerfully by using this amazing medium. You may witness series of videos that are aimed at brand building and brand recall in 2013.3. Email marketing: 2013 will definitely see revival of email marketing as one of the top marketing strategies. People will use varied emotions and aesthetically emails for marketing their products and services.4. E-publications: E-books and e-publications will gain importance for marketing. Free e-publications that educate the consumers about different products and services will dominate the mix and be at the top of the list for many internet enthusiasts.5. Video posts: 2013 will see a paradigm shift of focus from text to videos. Audience tends to respond quicker to videos as compared to texts. Marketers can deliver powerful messages through videos and they may start including at least one video in their marketing emails.6. Aesthetic designs: Eye-catching designs with amazing details will be in forefront when it comes to the field of online marketing. They will focus on designs that stand out from the rest. Dominance of abstract designs is foreseen in 2013.7. Mobile marketing: Growing number of smart phone users has created a need for marketing techniques that are mobile friendly. Entrepreneurs will focus on creating websites that are mobile friendly. The year 2013 shall see increase in number of mobile friendly sites.8. Emergence of marketing Apps: Internet specialists have realized that mobile Ads are hardly visible to the customers when they are browsing the web. Smart online advertisers will now invest in internet marketing Apps instead of Ads for better conversion rates.9. Rise of Pinterest: Marketers will rely more on images and videos to convey their message to the target audience. In such scenario, visual sites like Pinterest and Infographic will gain importance in internet marketing.10. Quality Vs Quantity: Internet marketers will focus on qualitative content especially after witnessing the brutality of Google penguin and Google Panda update. Consumers can expect informative marketing campaigns.